Sublimation plants

Company leader in manufacturing of sublimation plants;
the constant technological development of our plants allows us to offer the best solutions to meet any production requirement

The process of sublimation, applied to the decoration of steel and aluminium profiles and sheets, consists in a supplementary processing to the traditional painting and has the aim of reproducing the wood & marble finishes on pre-treated and pre-painted aluminium or steel profiles and sheets.

The finishes and the decorations are printed on special films using sublimatic inks.

Our patented equipments (European patent n. EP 0 953 457 B1) avail themselves of the technology of Stillwood® , for which we have the patent.

Each installation is composed by a bagging machine and by an oven.
From this combination has been planned the following range of products: PRESTIGE, SPEEDY-E, SPEEDY3, DOUBLE SPEED.

These products are differentiated for the capacity of production, the sizes, the number of operators involved to use them, the costs.